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things going. we'll check and see if the terps capitalize. >> we're tracking showers and storms over the southern great lakes. right now, pleasant, 74 at the airport. >> we've been blessed with an absolutely gorgeous day, abundant sun all over the state of maryland today. things are high and dry on doppler tonight. well to our west in the southern great lakes, there's storm activity associated with the next front which will reach us tomorrow night. but it's going to be a dry front, not going to generate showers, maybe just a couple of clouds. currently 75 downtown, 74 at b.w.i. marshall. 71 up near the state line. we did top out with a high today of 76 degrees at both the airport and inner harbor so a couple of degrees above the normal high, one degree above the normal of 77 degrees. we started with chilly temperatures, 50 degrees in the morning. this time of year you see a wide temperature spread and that's what we'll see tomorrow, as well. tonight, chilly again, mid 50s in outlying areas, 62 downtown with clear skies and school conditions. the forecast statewide tomorrow, the mount
rain chances. hakeem, what do you have? >> the redskins/cow boys in less than 24 hours. the terps lit up the scoreboard early and often against morgan state. >>> james madison pulls off the upset of the year, at least so far. news 4 at 11:00 continues. this kenmore elite multi-motion washer... how does that work? hit it! see, other machines only go in circles. this kenmore elite has multi-motions for a custom clean. it scrubs to help lift stains, rolls to wash gently, swings, steps, and tumbles. better than just circles, what! sorry. get 15% off all kenmore appliances and an extra 5% with your sears card. plus save up to an additional $250 instantly with our appliance trade in program. sears. >>> officials in san bruno, california say five people are still unaccounted for after thursday's pipeline explosion. four people were killed 50 more were hurt. some 40 houses were levelled by that blast. about two dozen homes were damaged. the ntsb is now looking at a specific section of pipe. >>> volunteers gave up their saturday to clean up in a storage cemetery in southwest d.c. they cut weed
dukes stun virginia tech on the home turf and the terps show no miles per houry to morgan state. first, we're talking redskins and there is no telling what will happen. the redskins have a whole new look from top to bottom, a new general manager, the new head coach and practically a new wide receiving core and clinton portis is back from last year. the only guarantee is the intensity of the rivalry and the rots go back to 1960 and cowboys have a lead and it's been called one of the greatest rivalries and this is a big test from the start. >> that is what that is about. you play great competition and that is good and -- you have the boys on week one. >> and that is giving a thought of motivation through camp to prepare to play a great football team. there is no higher level than a night game against the cowboys and i can't wait to get back. >>> start for our first redskins pregame show of the season and then a doubleder with the giants and ravens at 1. >>> the terps with a big win over navy on labor day and hosting morgan state. the first game for the bears. and in first quarter, does t
>> welcome back to the show and it's time to talk college football and how about the terps trying to rebound and that is -- as they hosted florida international. the freshman quarterback getting his first career start and out with an injured shoulder. down 7-0 in the first and going to go up and on the corner of the end zone and take another look at that and tied at 7. next drive and fiu forced to punt and that is good news for logan, number 85 and what do you think he's going to do? and going to the house and that is since new year's day 2004. and on to three to go in the half and knowing what he does and gets outside and breaks a tackle and the move. he's gone. maryland up 21-14 at the break and tied at 21 and going deep for something and this kid has some jets, 68 yards for the score and catches 149 and this touchdown and o'brien throws for 250 and two scores and the terps win 42-28. >>> and in chestnut hills and go the first to go for tech. tech is up 7-0 and in that first half. get out of bounds or something. stays inbound and no points on the board and hokies lead 7-0 and st
to cheer. the terps jumped out early. 14-0 and navy comes out to tie the game. we saw fumbles at the goal line. interception, and navy had the ball the entire game, except for 20 minutes when the terps had it. the terps stopped right here at the goal line and that's the way the game would end. the final, the terps 17 and navy 14. and while terps fans continue, they set to introduce their new athletic director. his name is ken anderson. he will be announced today in college park. maryland comes after the athletic director for army. he replaced debbie, who left maryland to become north carolina's states athletic director earlier this summer. >> we booed them for years and we have to cheer for them. >> gets two cracks at his old team. the ravens signed tj after he was cut loose by the seattle sea hawks over the weekend. he spent seven years in cincinnati before going to the seahawks last year. he signed a one-year deal with the ravens. what that means is the ravens are ready to kick off the season monday night, september 13, where they will be up in new jersey to play the jets. game time w
openers at m&t bank stadium. 1st quarter the terps 2nd and goal at the navy 5, jerill scott back and healthy punches it in to put maryland on the board first. it's 7-0 terps. david meggett runs 67 yards to the navy 13 and minutes later finishes the job with a 3-yard score and the terps would lead 14-0 but here comes navy 2nd quarter. ricky dobbs to andre byrd takes in into 10 yards out and navy cuts the deficit to 7. later in the 2nd3rd and goal. adrian moulton leaps over the offensive lineman hitting ricky dobbs and dobbs fumbles. the terps recovers and moulton going right over the what a good play for the terps d. 4th quarter 37th 2nd, navy down 3 with 4th and goal inside the 1. dobbs is stopped by kenny tate and the defense. maryland has the win. >> what a way for maryland to begin their season, coming to the thriller for 2010. >> this is a great big first win and we're trying to capitalize the rest of the season right now, one game at a time. >> it feels real good and i'm hoping that it will pay off for our players. i'm so proud of them. we've lost so many tough games like th
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full of crabs. it's the renewal of a great rivalry that isn't a rivalry. the terps and mids get it on as we speak. and donovan mcnabb returning to redskins practice while big al gets demoted today. and 15 years old ago today iron was forged. we'll look back at a great day in baseball history. >>> they have dubbed it the crab bowl. because maryland and navy are the only two college football programs in the state of maryland with campuses 30 miles apart so would think they would be bitter enemies. but they have met just once in the last 44 years. but that changed today. renewing the rivalry. navy a bold team a year ago. maryland 2-10 a year ago. but the terps struck first. terrell scott, the terps up 7-0 in the first and extending that lead. magot, the son of former giant, straight up and terps lead. but navy would not roll over. the end of the third, the quarterback ricky dobbs on the keeper, right tackle and he is in and ties the game at 14 and that is where we stand, the start of the fourth quarter right now. >>> later tonight at fedex field, virginia tech opens their season an
a great game between maryland and navy. let's go to m and t bank stadium. the terps upout to a 14-0 lead and then here come the naval academy. they come back to tie this game up and then we had fumbles at the goal line. we had interceptions. navy had the ball the entire game, except for 20 minutes when the terps had it and then the terps right here at the goal line to end the game at 17- 14, the terps win. that was a classic. >>> 5:49 right now. let's take a look at some of the stories happening today around there. ravens runningback, ray rice joins baltimore officials to announce a new city wide wellness initiative. plus, linebacker, ray lewis. he is going to help distribute supplies to first graders. imagine your first day of school and ray lewis is right there. community and state leaders will attend a luncheon to discuss ways to curb violence in east baltimore. that's what is a little glimpse at what is happening today. >> forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> good morning, everyone. happy tuesday to you. we still have more s
up 14 on 0. to the third quarter they go the terps now down 28-0. but they are on the comeback trail. robinson goes deep and connects with tory smith for a 60-yard td pass. the terps are coming back. they are now down 28-7. still in the third the same score and it is robinson looking to go deep yet again. and guess who we have got? tory smith racks up 149 receiving yards on the day. this 80-yard td brings maryland to within two scores. it is now 28-414. under a minute to play in the third robinson is looking for the magic with smith again. but the third time is not a charm. he drops the pass in the end- zone. maryland never recovers. they lose 31-17. >>> virginia tech looking to face off losses to james madison but it wasn't looking good early on. down 3-1 williams punches it in to put the pirates up 10-0. second quarter tech down 17-7. taylor drops back. has some time and hooks up with roberts for the 20-yard score and they pull to within three. number 34 ryan williams last year's acc rookie of the year gets injured on this run. he would leave the game with a hamstring injury and wo
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. maryland held off navy, 17-14. tarps bang scored the first two times they had the ball. -- the terps scored the first to good times they had the ball. da'rel scott finds the corner of the end zone. the navy came back. at the end of the half, navy down a touchdown and out of timeouts, quarterback ricky jobs does not throw the ball away. -- ricky dobbs does not throw the ball away. navy takes the field goal. fourth and one, final play for navy on offense. maryland stops dobbs at the goal line. end of the game. the terps hand on for the win. one yard, three points, high drama. further proof -- this has all the elements you need for a great rivalry, not just geography, but the fact that maryland -- both times, a field goal settled the outcome. the first game came down to the last play. >> maryland celebrated labor day with a bang. hurricane season means a boom in business for some. who is cashing in? all good things come to an end. the highlight of the state fair. >> that might be overdoing it. >> you may be shocked to learn how much money you are wasting on oil changes. >> a beautiful weather
hopping on labor day. the terps face navy, of the second time in 35 years. they now look like a worthy opponent, but a worthy rival. maybe the magic could become a tradition. >> i think it is -- maybe the matchup could be a tradition. >> i think it is good for maryland, for football in this state. whether we play it it in basketball or football, it would be a great rivalry and something that i would look forward to. >> terps and the navy on monday. >> terps and the navy on monday. stick around for storyteller: little miss muffet sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey. along came a burglar who broke into her home, and ransacked the place making off with several valuable tuffets. fortunately, geico had recently helped her with homeowners insurance. she got full replacement on her tuffets. the burglar was later captured when he was spotted with whey on his face. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. >> hurricane earl is still coming to the outer banks of north carolina. it may not hit a baltimore. maybe friday. this could stay along the coast or further o
for you. and jeff barnd, epic. ú%rst quarter. terps with a lead. mega gets the carry. burst through the line. past midfield. inside of the 15, before he isú taken down. 67 yards. on the run. anddhe punched in froo 3 yards out to give maryland a two touchdown lead. terps fans go crazy. second quarter. navy on the board. bird takes the pitch. goes around the end. and tip oes into the end zone for six. navy down 14-7. with 12 seconds left in the half. navy has no time out.ú dobbs runs nd stops short of the first down. so the clocc runs out and navy goes into the half empty hhnded. ken upset with the quarterback. and going into the locker room, he explodes on the referee. making contact. he was upset with the time runoff. at the start offthe second half. coach cleared the air with the ref. move to the fourth. game tied at 14. bolttlined uu for the first career field goal attempt. splits the upright, on the kick. to give the terps the lead. and 37 seconds left. down three. navy decides to go for the win. instead of the tying field goal. maryland's defense holds. -obbs is stopped shor
where the navy mid shipmen and terrapins hooked up at m&t stadium. the terps second and goal at the navy five. he cults to the outside and punches it in to put maryland on the board first. 7-0 terps. still in the first, more maryland and he runs for 67- yards down to the navy 13. minutes later he would finish with a three yard score an the terps lead 14-0. here's navy. second quarter, the pitch to byrd takes it in from ten yards out. navy would tie the game up. it is 14-14 in the fourth quarter. >>> this season kicks off tonight for virginia tech. they face boycecy state at fedex field at 8 p.m. last year the hokies kicked off their season against alabama. tonight a another huge game right out of the block. >> that's why they come to virginia tech to play in games like this. you know, a national audience first ball game. hopefully a soldout stadium. and i know a very enthusiastic stadium. so, you know, i think our kids like this and that's why they come to virginia tech. >>> the nationals are hosting the mets this afternoon and get excited for danny who was called up last wednesday. toda
-10 season taking on navy. things so far not going well for the midshipmen. the terps lead it 14-7. to baltimore, navy and maryland renewing their rivalry. the second time since '65 in baltimore. first quarter, the terps got 7-0 looking for more. gavin goes straight up, right down the side line. 67 yards until he is knocked out of bounds. the navy 13 yard line. four plays later to put maryland up 14-0. they would get on board early in the second quarter. andre takes the pitch from ricky dobbs. he races around. ten yards for the score. maryland leads 14-7. by the way they've fumbled twice at the maryland goal line. we will have much more on this game in a preview of the other that i mentioned coming up in sports. >>> metro will stay open late to get football fans home from the game. it will close at 1:00 in the morning instead of midnight. the last train will leave at 12:24. the morgan boulevard station at 12:27. >>> coming up tonight, a judge has dismissed charges against two people accused of trying extort money from john travolta. >> reporter: hundreds of protesters chant death
're excited about it and we think it is going to be a rivalry that will stick. . >> reporter: the terps jumped out early putting 14 points on the board in the first quarter. they managed to slow down navy's lightning quick running game. on multiple occasions maryland forced turnovers when navy was knocking on the door at the end zone. it alledded up to a great day at the stadium no matter whose colors you wore. >> terrific to have them here, it gives us all an opportunity to see both of the good teams. >> thousands did show up to cheer on their favorite maryland team right down to the wire. >> to the wide side. he did not make it, dobbs. >> reporter: that stop made navy's game, they the terps walked away with a 17-14 win fans walked away happy. >> it was a close game, thought navy had it but the terps came back in and screamed up. >> preston mitchum, abc the news. >> those interpret pans will be encouraged to walk with friends when they get back to college park after another attack on a student near campus. the assault this weekend is the latest in a string. cheryl conner joins us after talkin
'brien back to work. way downfield, torrey smith is open. he runs the rest of the way. the terps up 28-21. f.i.u. kept hanging around, until this. it is up the middle, left, nobody catches him. 76 yards, touched and, the maryland terps win. >>> virginia tech, taking on boston college. the eagles' quarterback back to pass, intercepted. the hokies marks the ball right down the field. evans, 3 yards out. he is in. it 7-0, virginia tech. they win. >>> virginia it in action, taking on vmi. horn takes the kickoff, he is gone. it 87 yards. third quarter, virginia and control. jerry green, yes, the son of redskins a great darrell green. the 15-yard touchdown. >>> couple other local scores, catholic loses today, georgetown wins, beating holy cross, and howard loses to more than state. >>> the nationals-braves, 2-0 braves. alex gonzales it's all of that. the braves beat the nationals, 5-0. >>> the capitals to ending up, they are looking shark. in nashville, they beat the predator's, 2-1. hey, ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas? capital one bank. they're everywhere. ♪ yeah, you're right! [ horns h
meeting between two teams. the hokies 1 in 25 all time against a.p. teams. >>> the terps have a big game tomorrow when they face navy. they are meeting for the first time since 2005 and neither is ranked. this is the 21st meeting with the midship men holding a 14-6 lead in the series. for the terps, it's about erasing a 2-10 season, proving they are fighters. friedgen said he likes the idea of competing for maryland bragging rights. >> i think it's good for the state of maryland. i think for football in this state but also just whether we play in basketball and football, to me it would be a great rivalry and something that i would look forward to. we need a rivalry in our situation and i think something in state. >>> the nationals and pirates, the rubber game. top of the fourth, adam dunn going up, a solo home run. that's his 34th of the season. dunn with two rbis. the nationals led 2-0. and then zimmerman collects a based loaded two out single and desmond would score followed by marquice who earned his second consecutive win. zimmerman four rbis and winning first road series since may.
of the pass like a 911 turbo. oweman with a huge win 28-7. the terps have a new athletic director. kevin anderson comes to college park after seven years in the same position at west point. terps play navy monday, host morgan state on saturday. the bears open tonight, a 14-7 victory over bowie state. morgan's 14 points come thanks to four field goals and a safety. facing the wild card leading rays, the bucs having a night. orioles take a 2-1 lead. b.j. upton with two on to end the fourth. base hit to right. wiggington, baseball coming hard, the throw is there. the tag, though, as you'll see is not. this is josh jaso swinging, can't get it done. stay with us for a checkf >> warming up quick. beatriz capra, playing the third round of the u.s. open, she went out today against sharapova, but a great effort to get to the third round. >> absolutely. >> lots of sunshine this weekend. tomorrow and on labor day, sunny, 77 tomorrow, 83 on monday, gets kind of hot a little humid tuesday and wednesday, cool front comes in. the rain chances are not all that great. looks like most of this week will be
tough -pgging up against the browns. >>> the terps' left it all on the field today. could a freehman quarterback lead maryland to victory? >>> i go one-on-one with ravens' cornerback. how the offenss struggles affect the mind of the defense. >>> "sports unlimited" starts right now. >>> the ravens welcome their former selves to baltimore tomorrow as they hope to show everyone why they were picked as super bowl favorrtes before the season. the browns come in two games and they would love t and try to change the game. it's always a hard game. >> we played well against a lot -pof teams. i think it probabl shhws because we get to play them a lot. we play them ttice a year at least. >> we have to have thii game. ii's a home game. ii's in the division. there's no doubt about it. itts critical for us. every game is critically. >>reporter: two college coming off ahe terps' are
coolege football. terps and longhorns agreed to two year home-and-home beginning in 2017. terps play host that yearrwith tte game shifting to austinnthe next year. both games are season opener. two teams do have a history. ú%e longhorns winning all three previous meetings. the last in 978. at the sun bowl. >> and that is sports. back to you. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ >> final look at he seven-day forecast. with sunshine tomorrow. 89 to 90. 91 by friday with more sunshine saturday coolinggdownna bit. in the lower 80ss.3 partly cloudy. mostly cloudy sunday. ravens day 71 degrees. comfortable and cool. and we could see the 70s warming back up through the work weekk but showers late monday night, tuesday to wednesday. %->> thank you, vytas. that does it for the "late ú%ition". thank you for joining us tonight. i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. tune in toofox 45 news morning news starting at 5 a.m. have a great night. real time closed captioning prov
help your cash flow situation. pnc. for the achiever in us all. >>> the terps made a visit out in owings mills. today marked the day of infamy as the roster got sliced down to 53 players. first david hail, testifien rogers all o-linemen placed on injured reserve. not to play at all this season. released today, troy smith the 2006 heisman trophy winner who played in 14 games over three seasons here. he was shocked to find out. antwon barnes traded to philadelphia for an undisclosed draft pack. secondary looking thin, though. these three cut. as for receivers, a trio gone. injury-plagued demetrius williams. and elan riley. albert mccapitol hillen number 47 attended ray lewis' high school on waiver as long with kicker shane graham who lost the battle with extra point man billy conditionedden. so add to the list. enough pros. >>> college football now. morgan state for a full house of 7500. tonight against bowie state off this interception. two field goals, a safety and a touchdown. the bears beat the bulldogs 14- 7. maryland hosting morgan state in college park next saturday. by
-0. the only problem? the last three times the terps had a chance to do that west virginia happened to play the role of spoiler. now it's time for a rematch. maryland will be looking to end a four-game losing skid to no. 21 west virginia. if you remember last weekend against morgan state the terps had their highest scoring output in 35 years, a 62-3 blowout. this week will be a much bigger challenge. >> i think this is another test for us. from a team standpoint, no. 1 to, play on the road in a hostile environment against a very good football team. no. 2 is to play, you know, in a game as the more we win, the bigger the games get. i think this is a very big game for us and we'll learn a lot about who we are after this game. >>> switching gears, the nats visiting the phillies, jason marquis probably should have just stayed in washington. 1st wing, raul ibanez with a two-run up the middle. it was just that kind of night. still in the 1st nats down 4- 1. there's an r.b.i. base knock. marquis gives up six runs and for the second time this year fails to get out of the 1st inning, nats fall 9-1.
problem, the last three times the terps had that chance west virginia played the role of spoiler. so it's back to west virginia and a rematch. maryland will also be looking to end a four-game losing skid to number 21 west virginia who is 2-0 this year. last weekend against morgan state the terps had their highest scoring output in 35 years in a 62-3 rout. this weekend is a much bigger challenge. >> i think this is another test for us from a team standpoint. number one to play on the road in a hostile environment against a very good football team. number two, is to play, you know, in a game the more we win the bigger the games get and i think this is a big game for us. i think we'll learn a lot about who we are after this game. >> a couple of final notes, the nationals visit the philly tonight without morgan. the orioles are hosting the yankees. back to you. >> tonight you have the news edge. the news is always on myfoxdc.com. beautiful weekend. friday night shaping up to be awesome. go out and enjoy here tonight . the news edge at 11 if you want to stop by. see you. 
of a late day shower. 82 saturday with a chance of a shower. terps are home saturday. i'm going rain or shine. sunday 75 as we get to more fall-like weather. >> go terps. >> we want to let you know about our big tie-up of the morning near the chain bridge. 123 will be closed in both directions for bridge repairs. use the key bridge, 14th street bridge or the roosevelt bridge as your alternate to get in to the district. let's take it to 395. everything is smooth sailing near the 14th street bridge. out of manassas, no major problems to report making your way to inside the beltway. we have lingering construction to tell you about on 270. it's going northbound at the falls road exit. southbound you are doing fine. route 4 and 5 all these roads remain incident free. back to you. >> thank you, angie. >>> beginning today, vre riders in fredricksburg will notice changes. construction on both platforms at the fredricksburg station will limit handicap riders. during the first phase of the work, both the station's handicap ramps will be closed. for the latest information, riders are asked to v
-10. the naval academy posted a 10-4 record with a bold win over missouri. no doubt they have the terps' respect. >> i have the utmost respect for their program and their coaches and who they are and what they are working to be. >> the kind of offense they run takes tremendous discipline. you know, on defense, their defense is small but, you know, they are tough guys. they are well conditioned. and so, you know, it just shows, you know, what type of kids they have and the kind of character they have on their team. >> we know how disciplined they are as a team. we know how good they are. they can score points. their defense is good. we have just got to play the way we know how to play and don't beat ourselves that's the main key. >> elsewhere richmond visiting uva. former spiders coach mike london makes his coaching debut now with the cavaliers. first quarter the scrimmage parry jones is keeping his balance. he was rushed for 38 yards down to the richmond 39. that would help lead to the two yard rushing score. uva is on the board first 7-0. still in the first, the spiders hand off to kendall gast
and will the terps get good practice in against morgan state? i will explain what that means in a few minutes and don't forget, the nationals were in action as well as d.c. uniteed and that is coming up next on sports extra. i think running in heels is easier than walking, what do you say? and that is probably the case. >> flip flop. >> thanks. >> i know. our producer is like for real. anyway. >>> that is it for us. fox 5 news is always d ke it he is two minutes away. see you tomorrow.  introducing the samsung fascinate powered by verizon. super amoled screen. six-axis 3d gaming and access to thousands of free apps. all in one ultra-thin package. you want it, we got it. the samsung fascinate. only at verizon. look at all this stuff for coffee. oh there's tons. french presses, expresso tampers, filters. it can get really complicated. not nearly as complicated as shipping it, though. i mean shipping is a hassle. not with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. that is easy. best news i've heard all day! i'm so
and i am dave ross. we have a great show for you. the skins are in saint lute and terps and hokies try to get it going and wisdom martin joins me. >>> first, we begin with the redskins, releasing brandon banks in order to sign running back ryan terrain from the practice squad and that is not the biggest news of the night. he decided to do radio earlier this evening and among other things, he addressed the money issues, i will paraphrase whole you can read the entire quote now, just because you pay somebody, doesn't mean you have to do whatever they want. that doesn't mean i'm for sale. i'm not for sale, he said. i signed the contract and got paid a lot of money and that does not mean i'm a slave or whatever and that is interesting. the rams are 0-2 and piece issues in -- pose issues in the form of sam bradford and lindsay murphy has more on the matchup. good evening, lindsey. >> and good evening. the redskins arrived at 3:30 this afternoon. they focus on one thing, the rams and after a -- after a 1- 15 season and they beat them by two points last season. >> and have to go and do what w
the mids try to build upon a ten win season last year for the terps all about erasing the bad taste of the season. he likes the idea of competing for maryland's bragging rights. >> i really think it's good for the state of maryland. i think for football in this state, but also just, you know, whether we play in basketball and football, to me it would be, you know, a great rivalry and something that i would look forward to. we need a rivalry in our -- in our situation. and i think an in-state. >> this season also kicks off tomorrow night for virginia tech. the 10th ranked will face number 3boise state. they are coming off a six straight tenwin season. last year they kicked off the season against alabama. tomorrow another huge game right out of the blocks. >>> that's why they come to virginia tech to play in games like this. you know, you are going to have a national audience game. hopefully a sold out stadium. and a very enthusiastic stadium. so, you know, i think our kids like this. that's why they come to virginia tech. >> it's time for our first break in the show. but when we retu
. houston, a little wary of donavan mcnabb's runng ability. and the maryland terps know they will have a big challenge on their hand in morgantown coming up. >>> they say it was a gay will change their lives fore. >> after spending four hours with agunman strapped with explosives, they me a live or death decision. >> reporter: they were forced to lie on a marble floor for hours while the suspect is threatening to kill himself an everyone around him. >> people say, don't come in here. i'll blow us all up. today is a good day to die. >> reporter: septemer 1, silver spring. the discovery building headquarters. a stand-off that went on for nearly four hours. two discovery employees and a security guard held by a suspect who rigged himself up like a human bomb. today, jim mcnulty and chris woods talked about that frightening experience. >> it was pretty obvius that he was there to die either at his hands or at the police's. he kept saying, i don't care about these people. i don't care about these people. i'm here to do what i'm here to do. and i don't care if they die or not. i'll kill them. >> r
, terps and navy. and orioles-yankees. all ahead when eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> it is just before 8:30. 86 degrees and clear. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. >>> it has happened again. another attack on a woman, with acid tossed in her face. the latest attack happened in arizona. as betty ewan reports for wjz, the victim, a mother of five, says it came out of nowhere. >>> it was early friday afternoon, when dareie velarde was getting out of her car at home. >>> there was a woman walking up from the back side of my car. she had what i thought was i glass of water in her hand. then she stopped abruptly and threw it in my face. >> reporter: she was splashed with what she originally thought might be water. it turned out to be acid. >> it was just instantly like fire. it started burning. >> reporter: velarde was left with severe burns on her face, neck and arm. it was eerily similar to one that occurred last thursday in vancouver, washington. >> my heart stopped. i heard i passed out. >> reporter: 23-year-old be
. terps take a 14-0 lead. more where that came from. second quarter, defense gets on the score. check out demetrius hartsfield. easy pick six. maryland up, 24-0. the route, oh, yeah, that's gone. later in the second now. freshman, backup quarterback danny o'brien in the game. o'brien solid here. steps up in the pocket like a veteran. throws a perfect pass to smith. wow. o'brien throws for three touchdowns in the first half. terps crush morgan state, 62-3. let's go to annapolis. navy trying to rebound from the maryland loss last week hosting georgia southern. second quarter. georgia southern in white. they try to run a fake punt. not so much. well short of the first down marker. midshipman down to the 40 yard line. they are in business. so then on second and five. from the 21. dobbs throws to santiago. nice catch. dobbs attempted eight passes in the game. three plays later, dobbs doing what he does best. plunges in from one yard out. that was enough. navy defeats georgia southern. 13-7 is the final. redskins defensive tackle albert haynesworth will play in the season opener against the cow
and yet they played each other just once since 1965. that changes on monday. the terps and midshipman renew their rivalry this labor day on the neutral field in baltimore. the terps were 2-10, the mids were 10-4 and won a bowl game. but freakon's guys come monday at 7:30, last year is out of the window. >> we forgot about last year. we're focusing on this year. >> we're playing on national television against a ranked team, this is our opportunity to show everyone that we're not a 2-10 team and this is a different season. >>> terps basketball opens at home against seattle. they have matchups against pitt and temple and penn state and either illinois or texas and new york. and they open at duke january 9th. it will be gary williams 22 season at maryland. >>> back when nigel morgan was playing pocket for the pats, nobody thought twice when he dropped the gloves and knocked a couple of teeth out of some opposing muck. but now he's had to restrain himself. well last night the restraint went out of the window. having been hit by a pitch when the marlins went after him again in the 6th it wa
eventually go up 28-0. second half, here comes jamar robinson and the terps down 28-7. robinson with time goes deep to torre smith, the senior. opened the middle of the field. an 80-yard scoring strike. smith had a 60-yard td catch. the terps back in the gme, cut the deficit to 14. all righty. here we go. later in the third ronson back to pass. under heavy pressure. it's scooter barry. takes him down. one of eight sacks for the mountaineers defense. maryland falls to west virginia 31-17. the terps play florida international next week. west virginiis at lsu. >>> well, if there was ever a must-win game in september for virginia tech, yesterday's game against east carolina was it. the hokies started the day with an 0-2 record and an 0-3 start would be a disaster. the last time that happened, bon jovi's "living on a prayer" was a number one song in the u.s. that was in 1987. yesterday the hokies desperately trying to change their tune. taylor and the hokies going against a very good east carolina team. second qrter, hokies trailing 17-7. taylor starts the hokies' comeback. throws a dart to ro
, the hokies play boise state, 8:00 fedex field. that is going -- not to say the midshipmen/terp game won't be big -- >> in ipt interest of fairness, go terps and navy. >> go midshipmen -- >> you can say that. >> we can all say go hokies. >> that's right. great football weather too. starting off with a clear sky. 63 in washington, you get a mile away from the water, only in the 50's. highs today into the low and mid-80s. a terrific labor day, great football weather for this afternoon game and tonight's game. then tomorrow, sunny and back to work and school in the upper 80s and near 90 on friday. weekend needed rain possible, saturday and into sunday. ashley, how's the traffic? >> a very quiet holiday morning greeting you. as you travel the inner loop, the lone issue has been a disabled vehicle. as you can see they just cleared it completely. all lanes reopen, beltway once again at the quiet calm it once was. 95, no major issues to report. we had an accident 95 south in woodbridge, that's been cleared. no problems to report this early morning. back to you. >>> ashley, thanks. >>> 6:22 is y
earlier this week. a maryland native, he played for the terps. and he is excited to help out a ravens team that has championship dreams. >> going to do whatever it takes to get to super bowl. and i just want to be a part of that. i'm going to do whatever they need me to do. i'll test out of that way. you know, however you want to do, i'll try to make it happen. >> ravens have cuts to make before they announce their 53- man. >>> steelers' qb, ben roethlisberger had a suspens by nfl commissioner roger goodell. goodell says roethlisberger has committed to showing improved behavior after accusations of sexual assault in march. the four games he misses will include a meeting with the ranks in pittsburgh -- ravens, in pittsburgh, october 3rd. >>> coming up monday, navy and maryland will butt heads in the season opener for both teams. it's the first meeting between the two since they played at the stadium. tight game. 2010 terps were fired up. >>> i mean, the whole state is excited about it. you can't go anywhere. i think it's ready for the state. >> exciting. get back on track. last season ended
the terps want to get back on track against florida international tomorr >>> in florida, they're still trying to sortout a bank robbery that ban the at the apartment of a bank teller. according to investigators, the two men broke in around midnight. they held the teller and his father. then they strapped a bomb to his chest. two of the robbers took him to the bank and forced him to open the vault. the third suspect stayed behind with the teller's father. eventually all three of the robbers got away. it is not clear just how much money they got. nobody was injured. >>> sarah shourd is the american hiker who spentore a year in iran. we have gotten word that she met with mahmoud ahmadinejad in new york this afternoon. tails are just come out bute know that her moer norah was there. this morning on the "today" show, sarah shourd that she hoped to convince mahmoud ahmadinejad release her fiance, shane bauer, and their friend, josh fattal, who are still being held. all three americans were arresd about 15 months ago while hiking in northern iraq. shourd said they were in a tourist area. >>
the prestigious new position at the university. >> the terps really rolled out the welcome mat for the new athletic director with a new, impressive win over navy. >>> monday's victory is especially sweet as he takes over maryland. he brings terps' football. >> my five years at army never beat navy. thank you so much. >> praising the university task and promising a better future. >> trust me. you've done good and great things. but we're going to do better and greater things. >> reporter: it's all exciting to basketball coach gary williams who sat on the selection committee that chose anderson. >> i think he's going to sit down with all of the coaches. comes in with a reputation of being a great communicator. >> reporter: but anderson knows all too well, he's facing challenges on his first year on the job. tops on the list. funding for the athletic programs. managing a $55 million budget. and making sure his athletes are as competitive in the classroom as they are on the field. >> getting the resources to provide everything we need to support them. it's always challenging. >> reporter: ander
's this afternoon for maryland fans anyway. the terps are taking on the mid shipmen of the navy. virginia tech is in one of the most anticipated match-ups, the biggest nonbcs power house in the country tonight at fedex field at 8:00 p.m. got to get this in, go terps. >> i saw it coming. >>> a $21 million bonus, one of highest paid players if football and now not even a starting. according to a report by "washington post," albert haynesworth is unlikely to start in the season opener. two sources in the report describe haynesworth's final preseason game performance is quote, awful. they say he failed to follow the 3-4 defensive scheme and the coach has lost patient with him. redskins can expect to see donovan mcnabb under center for the season opener. he was not able to practice because of a high ankle sprain. he feels very good about mcnabb's status and he can begin practicing sometime this week. >>> as east coat enjoys a beautiful holiday weekend, the worst case hurricane earl dealt was to new england. it caused many travelers to rethink their travel plabz. heavy winds and rains dumped on nort
are the for the terps excited to help out a team. >> we will do whatever it takes to get to the super bowl. i'm going to be part of that. i test that way. and you know, whatever you want to do. i'm going to try to make it happen. >> well, the ravens have cut this. before they announced their 53- man roster, which is tomorrow. then it's to the regular season. and the openers, coming your way monday night, assessment 13th. and you can see the ravens, taking on the jets right here on wjz 13. special live coverage comes your way at 6:30. steelers qb, ben rothless berger has his suspension reduced. the original six-game pernality, now -- penalty, just reduced. the four games roethlisberger will miss, including a meeting with the ravens, october 3rd. playing host to a college clash monday. navy and maryland will meet. it's the first meeting between the two since they played five years ago. it was a tight game, where the terps won with a comeback. terps are fired up for another shot at the midshipman monday. >> i mean, the whole state is excited about. you cant go -- can't go anywhere without somebody being
to the wire. find out if the terps pulled off the upset at m&t bank stadium. >> ravens bring in a bii nnme receiver, former first round pick that they traded to make rooo on the roster. only the best-of-the-best. make our list. none of these plays were good enough. see which incredible catches took our pot top spot. our top 10 count down. coming up. "sports unlimited" starts right now. ,3 >> for the first time in five years, maryland nd navy faced off in the crab bowl classic at m&t bann stadium. in 2005, maryland took the lead in the final minute of the gamee it was a thrilling finish. so how woulddtoday's game compare? as you heard before. i have one word for you. first quarter, terps with a 7-0 lead. david megg gets the carry, burst through tte line, turns on the jets. past midfield. inside navy's 15, before he is taken downn 67 yards, on the run. he punched in from 3 yards out to give maryland a two touchdown lead. later in the first. navy lined uppfor the 32-yard field goal. jo buckly misses, wide left. navy needs the points later in the game. second quarter. navy on tte board. andre
. in college park, seconduarter, danny o'brien and the terps trailed 7-0. here they come working ouof the shotgun. o'brien throws to the corner of the end zone. williams, are you kidding me? gets the foot down, makes the grab. great catch. terrapins tied at 7-7. o'brien is the first freshman to start at qb for maryland in 11 years. ensuing panthers possessn, punting it away to tony logan. this guy is good. fields it at the 15 yard line. tony logan is also a speedy fellow, getsy everyone. and tony logan is going to score. 85-yard punt return for the touchdown. maryland takes a 14-7 lead just like that. and terps' starting qb robinson on the sideline hurt his shoulder last week. third quarter, game knotted at 21-21. o'brien and the terps up top and deep for torre smith. a 68-yard scoring strike. o'brien threw for 250 yards, two tds and no interceptions. also running back scott had two tds on 103 yards rushi. maryland beat fiu 42-28 improving to 3-1. virginia tech opening up conference play against boston college. the hokies defense went to work. first quarter, no score. bc in the red zo
that. the terps are in town. nascar in richmond, no problem. open house at the kennedy center tomorrow. a lot going on. dry all day. upper 70s to near 80. in to sunday, most of the showers occur on sunday morning and temperatures 75. it will stay dry for the redskins game. we will talk about that in main. sunshine on monday. temperatures go back up to 80 degrees. let's talk about the redskins forecast. mostly cloudy and cool. the chance of a light shower in. grab a sweater. 66 to 74. winds will become northwesterly at ten. all right. let's break down saturday for you. another cool start. we are talking low 60s now. sunshine and that means 50sin the suburbs. nice by lunchtime. the clouds come in a bit. low 70s and clouds thicken up by evening. stays dry, nice. temperatures in the upper 70s. right now temperatures are mid- 70s downtown. low 70s in gaithersburg and frederick. go across the decide and it is only 55 in oakland. dump world out there. for tonight, returning clear and cold again. lows in the 50s. winds from the north at ten and remember the highlights. we are in operation foot
season opener for both games. the terps are the underdogs and it will be the first time the teams met in five years. and more hometown football is on the way. get fired up! the first regular season raven's game is a week away. we'll bring you the action live here on wjz-13. our special live season kick off coverage comes your way monday night at 6:30. >>> still to come here on wjz- 13 eyewitness news at noon, a huge piece of evidence surfaces in the gulf oil spill. and wild kingdom goes wild, it's a fish story you have to see to believe. and taking another live look outside this noon. bernadette woods will be back with the first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] nature is unique... ...authentic... ...pure... and also delicious. ♪ like nature valley. granola bars made with crunchy oats and pure honey. because natural is not only good, it also tastes good. nature valley -- 100% natural. 100% delicious. you get the blood, hope it's enough, it's -- what's this? [ man ] new and improved freestyle lite® blood glucose test strip. sure, i'll try it, but -- [ beep ]
. >>> the nationals get their new top prospect in uniform. the turks prepared -- terps prepare for their game. hey ella! hey. here's boulder. ok, see you in an hour. [ boulder barks ] bye, bye. here we go. come on boulder. aah! [ dog barks ] aah! come on, guys! daisy! whoo! aah! [ female announcer ] lunchables cheese pizza -- now with mandarin oranges. because a great lunch, inspires great ideas. ♪ [ dog barks ] there's power in a great lunch. ♪ it doesn't get better than this ♪ >>> if you thought but bugs -- bedbugs were bad, there is a new pest in town. >> it is not nice having them there. >> they're not dangerous, but residents are raising a stink. >> there are quite a few of them. >> the stink bugs are trying to enter homes for the winter. here is what you can do to stop them. >> seal up the cracks and crevices that might allow them in three. -- entry. >> prevention is key. if they are inside, use a vacuum. they came here from asia 15 years ago. they have become a problem over the last couple of years. it has gotten so bad that this control services have design strategies specifically ta
's a special day of ravens coverage sunday. >>> it's a college football sat date of the terps will take the field against duke. maryland won its first two games at byrd stadium. the coach knows what it takes. he doesn't use excuses. >> time of day, temperature, economy, record. win this week, there will be more the following week. >> saturday's meeting will be the 50th all time between the terps and the blue devils. the orioleses are back home but rain has pushed the start of their series to tomorrow. the o's and tigers will play a double header. the final road game was played indoors. millwood delivered a fine farewell through seven shutout innings. the o's won-0. dpught ri and hill man are scheduled to start in the double header against detroit. >>> these are the ladies from the baltimore charm of the lingerie football league. they play their home opener tomorrow night, scantly clad. they are real ladies and they are real tough. >> the last game i had three solo tackles by myself. i get into it. i get aggressive. i want to hit that person in the back field and really go after them. >>
them back on acela. >>> and now 9 sports with dave erwin, the best sports in town. >> when the terps meet up for a showdown saturday, fans will see two teams in transition. maryland is trying to rebound from its first 10 lost season in school history now. on paper the moun tees have the advantage. they're ranked and will play host tomorrow. and that is a big deal because mont neither field can be one of the most intimidating stadiums around. but the terps are up for the challenge. >> so far this team just from the two games that we've had i think is much more mature than the team we had last year. and just that they played before and they know what to expect. >> we got a big day. a pro football on sunday right here on 9. ravens and bengals at 1:00. be advised we cannot leave the ravens game until it is completely finished. so there is a scenario where we might miss the first two minutes of the redskins game. jason marquis got the first guy out he faced. that was good. then the bottom is out. the next guys go single. walk, walk, single, single. marquis is gone after a third of an inni
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